best sleeping pills in India

Today, many people suffer from lack of sleep. There are various factors,which cause insomnia like stress, depression, work pressure, anxiety, bad food habits and medication. Medicines may be a solution for few things. And definitely, few herbal or natural sleep products can help you to get some rest. Yet even the best sleeping pills in India or any other part of the world are not the solution for sleep.In this article, we will share few tips to get rid of insomnia without consuming sleeping pills.

Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia Naturally without Taking Sleeping Pills

In fact, insomnia is considered to be a health problem,but you can fight it with a balanced lifestyle. However, if it persists, you may face chronic insomnia. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned tips to get rid of insomnia naturally without medication.

Nicotine and Caffeine Should Be Avoided at Late Hours

Few drinks, stimulators and food contain nicotine and caffeine like coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, or cigarettes. Do not ever drink any stimulator,which has caffeine after 10 pm or during late hours particularly before going to sleep. When you consume caffeine, your body will start processing chemicals and that will influence your brain and make you feel agitated. As a result,you will face difficulty in falling sleep.

Take a Hot Soak or Bath

Take hot soak or bath before going to bed. This will give you some relaxation to your muscles and help reduce strain and so you can easily fall asleep. Also, you can add few drops of lavender oil to hot water and enjoy a nice soak.

Try Reading a Book 

Though this is simple, it is a very effective method for you to enjoy sound sleep. Rather than getting disturbed by TV or radio, try reading a book in warm light bulb; it will give you peace and help you fall asleep soon.

best sleeping pills in India

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

You can get good sleep only if your bedroom is comfortable. So, ensure that your bedroom and blankets are clean.Your room temperature shouldn’t be too high or too low and your room should be quite enough without any lights on.

Avoid Anxiety

You may get into anxiety due to any changes or unwanted things. The best way to get rid of anxiety is to take away the negative thoughts from your mind and try to get peaceful sleep.

Eat Banana and Cherry

Banana is high in tryptophan, an amino acid that is actually used to make serotonin. This chemical will help you to get good sleep. Have banana frequently, if you suffer from problems related to sleep. Also while going to bed, eat cherry fruit or jam as cherry works as melatonin, which is a hormone that maintains the sleeping patterns.

Regrettably, few sleep medications can make the problem worse. Sleepingpillsoftendisturb sleep cycles, causing less healing sleep. Though they help you to get sleep through the night, it will not necessarily be sound or restful. These pills can also lead to rebound insomnia, which means it can get tougher to sleep without the medication. Therefore,before you swallow a sleeping pill for your sleep issues, adapt these tips instead!


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