sleeping pills overdose

If you think a lot while sleeping, then you may not be able to get a good sleep. Then the next stage is probably that you would be reaching out for some sleeping medications, which are meant only for short-term usage. But if you take this for a longer period of time, it will lead to dependence. Also, sleeping pills overdose could be dangerous. You need to know many more things before taking sleeping pills.

Let’s discuss some of the effective ways and some important tips to know before you opt for sleeping pills.

 Is Sleeping Pills Right for You?

If you are regularly facing problem with getting sleep, it could be because of various reasons like continuous usage of caffeine, electronics or some psychological problem.  But keep in mind that sleeping pills are not going to help you recover from this.  There is always a place for medication, but it is always important that you should benefit from using these. When used for short-term, these medications and sleeping pills always come with benefits. Use only when it is needed. Know how to differentiate between short term and long term usage.

Safe Usage of Sleeping Pills

Finally, if you have decided to go with sleeping aids, then follow these few tips to be on the safer side. Sleeping pills and alcohol or any other seductive drug should not be mixed. The mixture can be quite risky.

  • Never ever go for the second pill in between your sleep at midnight.
  • To avoid tolerance and dependency,use it for short-term.
  • Many of these pills include antidepressants and antibiotics. So, begore purchasing a pill read the information given on the pack

sleeping pills overdose

Prescribed Sleeping pills

There are quite a few categories of prescription sleeping pills – Benzodiazepine sedative and Non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic sleeping pills.

  • Benzodiazepine Sedative: These are the oldest methods of medication and dangerous too. If it is used on a nightly basis, the chance of losing the effect of sleeping pills will be high.
  • Non-Benzodiazepine Sedative: Even though these drugs don’t have an equivalent chemical structure, the effect on the brain is same. There is chance that it may lead to actions such as sleep-eating, sleep-walking, or sleep-driving.

Natural Remedies Are BetterthanSleeping Pills

In this case, you cannot expect something great to happen. Always consult your doctor for any kind of medication. There are few supplements, which might be helpful instead of these sleeping pills.

The Risks Are Greater As You Age

If you are getting older, then the risk associated with this is high like memory loss or confusion between things.  In addition, if you are prescribed to take any other regular medication and along with that if you are taking these sleeping pills, then the risk is greater.

Stay aware of these things and always consult your doctor before taking sleeping pills.


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